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Briella Toddler Rail White Front Silo
Briella Toddler Bed White Angle Silo
Briella Toddler Bed White Front Silo
Briella Toddler Bed with Dresser White Angle Lifestyle


Briella Guard Rail


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The Oxford Baby Briella Collection's Guard Rail is used to convert the Briella crib into a toddler bed. Your child gets the familiarity of the crib with a bit more independence. The Guard Rail provides extra security while still giving your little one the ability to climb in and out of bed on their own. Guard Rail is sold separately.

Collection: Briella
Model#: 12695420
SKN#: 12695420
Dimensions: 22" W X 11.6" D X 0.75" H
Package Weight: 2.86
Package Dimensions: 24" W X 13.6" D X 1.7" H
Assembly: 12695 AI GUARD RAIL EN FR

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